Welcome to The Cooking Pages – we’re so glad you’re here!

We are the Pages, a family of six living in and loving Scotland. We love good food, made with love and without all the nasties often found in commercially produced goods.

We are a submariner, a chef, foodies, students, a budding photographer, diver, soldier, parents, avionics engineer in training and, above all, a tightly-knit family who want to share our recipes and products with you.

Being a family of third culture people, (1st and 2nd generation of growing up in culture not your own or that of a parent) we love to incorporate local ingredients into international recipes that reflect our global perspective. Hailing from Australia and the UK, with children born in Hong Kong and the UK, we feel we’ve got it covered.

We love to cook and develop recipes that reflect all we enjoy. We have developed a line of sauces, rubs, condiments and marinades that are handcrafted with care and quality that frankly, we think are delicious – and we hope you’ll love them too!

So, brew yourself a cuppa and browse our favourite recipes. Try them out, tweak them a bit to make them yours, and enjoy!

The Cooking Pages